Home Automation

Home Automation integrates the electronic systems with each other and provides you with a platform in controlling the day to day domestic activities. Home automation has gained popularity in terms of Safety, Security, Leisure, Comfort and Convenience and can be controlled from the following devices:

  • Wall Mounted touch panels and key pads
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Phone / Tablet

Techbean integrates various services on a single platform providing you one stop solutions. Put simply you can access all the functions without any trouble on a single user friendly platform.
We provide you with the following services in Home Automation that gives your home better accuracy and precision in terms of Safety, Comfort and Leisure.

  • Lighting control – on/off, dimming, colour changing
  • Motorised curtain control
  • Audio-Video System
  • Airconditioning system
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Door latch control
  • Garden sprinkler